Sycro supplies a beautiful range of South African-made Umbrellas that can be customised & branded, or ordered as is. Our umbrellas are made with high-quality material sand are built to lAST.

Madiba Cantilever

Our premium cantilever range, strong, sturdy and provides 360 degrees of shade

The most versatile shade solution range on the market today, our Madiba cantilever is designed to provide shade through 360° to follow the sun and free up valuable floor space. 

Shadee Cantilever

Strong, sturdy and exquisite to look at providing 360 degrees of shade

This side mounted umbrella can rotate 360° to follow the sun and provide the ultimate shade experience including a clear path over any table. Our Shadee Cantilever Umbrellas are available in almost any combination of powder coated colours, including a wood grain finish with matching or contrasting fabric covers. 

Eezilock Centre Pole umbrella

No Rope, No Pin! Opening of the canopy could not be easier, just push upwards and this canopy umbrella locks into position.

Classic Center Pole umbrella

This is our classic range of umbrellas. They use the standard rope and pulley system to open and lock the umbrella in place.

Funky Center Pole umbrella

Introducing our FUNKY range of umbrellas!

They are sturdy in strong winds and an excellent platform to show off your branding

Flatella Center Pole umbrella

Introducing our FLATELLA range of umbrellas!

They provide exceptional shade cover and when put side by side, can create a large canopy to show off your brand

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