The Galaxen range is exclusive to the Sycro Group of Companies. Products include a staineless steel range of equipment that has been hand selected, tested and NRCS certified, as well as specialised amenities & hospitality products . The brand also includes innovative solutions designed and produced by Sycro to solve unique handling challenges.


The Galaxen range of Staineless Steel Kettles offers two sizes and additions to suit your needs –

Made specifically for the Hospitality industry, these kettles have received praise throughout South Africa for their reliability and design

Chafer Trolleys

The Galaxen range includes chafer transport trolleys made in different sizes and functionalities:

  • 20 x Stacking Chafers (this trolley only fits through double doors
  • 10 x Stacking Chafers (this trolley fits through a single door)
  • 12x non-stacking (this trolley fits through a single door)

Perspex amenities range

Our new range of perspex amenities are:

  • Tougher and more durable than regular plastics or wood,
  • More consistent in presentation,
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple colours available


Sycro is proud to offer the most comfortable and cost-effective hotel amenity slippers on the market –

Branding options are available upon request

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