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Featured Product: The Filigrano Collection by HUG

The Filigrano Collection, a Swiss made Tartelette by HUG Familie, is the dream product to assist with tartelette based snack and dessert production in the kitchen. Ready made with 100% Swiss Butter, not only is this product consistent in presentation and suitable for Hot and Cold applications, but it also has a 12-month shelf life without needing to be frozen or refrigerated.

Product Catagories

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Filigrano tartelette

The Filigrano Collection is a range of ready-made tart shells and  is the dream product to assist with Tartelette based snack and dessert production in the pastry kitchen. Ready made with 100% Swiss Butter, this product not only is consistent in presentation with thin walls, suitable for Hot and Cold applications, it also has a 12-month shelf life without needing to be frozen or refrigerated.

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CANDOLA Permanent Candle Light burns a special patented oil, which is clear, odourless, smoke-free, and longer lasting than ordinary candles.

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Wheelie Bin cleaning equipment

We supply both brand items and Sycro imported items in this category. We are also able to custom make products according to your requirements. This category includes Bins, Refuse Bags, Irons and  Ironing Boards.

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spirit gel catering

We are able to provide a continuous supply of various consumables to run your kitchen, buffet and restaurants. Consumables also include cleaning equipment and insecticides.

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custom furniture chair couch

We can provide your solution in furniture requests, whether standard pieces or custom made. We work with quality carpenters and iron workers to create your masterpiece.

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galaxen kettle

The Galaxen brand is exclusive to the Sycro Group of Companies. The products include quality stainless steel products such as Kettles, Trays and Ice Buckets that have been hand selected and tested

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heater gas infared

Sycro can provide you with the finest range of Gas and Infrared Heaters.

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hospitality equipment trolley

We offer a wide range of hospitality equipment such as Trollys, Racks and Hair Dryers

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Italmodular shelving

The Italian modular storage solution for kitchens that require food and equipment to be stored in a safe and efficient way.

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kitchen equipment pots pans BCE

All kitchen smalls and equipment at your fingertips. We not only supply the BCE range, but also the Plate Mate storage system.

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branded match books match box

Sycro sources both Match Books as well as Match Boxes that you can order Branded or Unbranded

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promotional items usb pens clothes keyrings

Our catalogue boasts a large range of promotional items including pens, keyrings, bags, umbrellas, USB sticks, power banks etc. as well as the option of Branded Clothing

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tableware crockery cutlery glassware

Sycro is able to source and supply a wide range of brands in Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware. This also includes plastic, polycarbonate and melamine products.

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Sycro was founded in 1998 and has been bringing quality products and services to their clients for more than two decades. Sycro means Service You Can Rely On

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We are the proud distributors for Polymer Masterbatch additives, manufactured and supplied by the UK listed company, Symphony Environmental. This relationship will assist manufacturers in including modern plastic technology into their products and provide an edge over their competition

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